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Word of the Day: Cenosilicaphobia

Despite the relative dearth of posts over here at A Tempest in a Tankard, it’s been quite an action-packed week. Kevin’s provocative article on beer and terroir generated an equally thoughtful (and ongoing) discussion, both in the comment section to the article, and in a Beer Advocate thread that took up Kevin’s challenge to consider the implications of terroir. If you haven’t already joined the conversation, feel free to leave a comment in the “Replies” section to Kevin’s article. A brief contribution of my own to the ongoing debate is in the works, but before I put pen to paper, my cenosilicaphobia needs attention.

And what better way than a visit to Austin is there to keep my tankard full? In the few days that I have been here, I’ve managed to visit several breweries and brewpubs while meeting some interesting characters. A visit to Texas Saké Company is also on the agenda. The beer’s been great, the conversation even better. Stay tuned for profiles on individual breweries, along with a general write-up on what and where to imbibe should you find yourself in Austin.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for last-minute holiday gift ideas for the craft beer lover in your life, check out my write-ups on beer-inspired books and provisions – perfect antidotes for any symptoms of cenosilicaphobia you may be experiencing this holiday season.


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